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Xtra Power for Director & Authorware

DirectOS Xtra
 Directing Windows and MacOS. The OS at your fingertips!

Authorware 4.x Compatible Authorware 5.x CompatibleAuthorware 6.x CompatibleAuthorware 7.x CompatibleDirector 5.x Compatible Director 6.x CompatibleDirector 7.x Compatible Director 8.x CompatibleDirector MX Compatible     MacOS 8.x and 9.x CompatibleMacOS X CompatibleWindows Compatible   


12.14.03 -  Version 3.5.3 for Windows Released.

* dosGetFileTime(), dosGetFileDate() and dosGetFileSize() - Fixed error # 87 on Windows 9x.

* dosSelectFile() - Fixed a bug that caused the function to fail when a lot of files were selected.


3.21.03 -  Version 3.5.2 for Windows Released.

* dosGetFileTime(), dosSetFileTime(), dosGetFileDate(), dosSetFileDate() and dosGetFileSize() - will no longer fail under Windows due to a sharing violation when the specified file is already opened by other applications with restricted access privileges.

* dosExitSystem() - The "Shut Down" flag will now also turn off the power under Windows, if such a feature is supported by the hardware. This feature was previously available on the MacOS version of the Xtra only.


1.29.03 -  Version 3.5.1 Released.

* dosEject() - now works properly under Windows 9X.

* dosCreateLink() - fixed a bug causing the function to fail in creating shortcuts to folders under MacOS.


12.19.02 -  Version 3.5 Released.

* The Xtra is fully compatible with Director MX.

* A MacOS X version of the Xtra is now available.

All the cross platform Xtra functions are now available on the MacOS X version of the Xtra except for the following functions which are only available on Windows and MacOS classic:


* Several features which were previously available on the Windows version of the Xtra only are now available on the MacOS X version of the Xtra:

dosExitSystem() - The "log off" flag is available on MacOS X.
dosMouseClick() - The "Right Up", "Right Down", "Middle Up", "Middle Down" and "Move" flags are supported on MacOS X.
dosKeyPress() - "keyCode" parameter can be a modifier key on MacOS X.
dosBlockInput() - The function is now available for both Windows and MacOS X.
dosSelectFile() - Open multiple files dialog is supported on the MacOS X version of the Xtra as well as setting the message string on all kind of dialogs.

* dosFindApp() - improved to search harder including the desktop and catalog files.

* dosGetFilesInFolder() and dosGetFoldersInFolder() - functions will not fail anymore in the absent of wildcard under Windows 9X.

* dosGetFileTime(), dosGetFileDate() and dosGetFileSize() - fixed a bug that caused the functions to fail on read-only files under Windows.

* Minor improvements and bug fixes.


2.17.02 -  Version 3.0 Released.

New Functions:



Enhanced Functions:

dosLaunchApp() – The MacOS version of the Xtra now accepts the ‘Sate’ and ‘Wait’ parameters. The Windows version of the Xtra was improved to better wait for the launched application to terminate. In addition, the function can now wait until the application launches and return the window ID of the launched application, which can then be used with the Xtra windowing functions.
dosGetKeyState() – Updated docs. Added support for non standard keys on the MacOS. Fixed space bar bug on the MacOS.
dosIsFolderExist(), dosCreateFolder(), dosDeleteFolder() and dosSetCurrentFolder() – The specified pathname may optionally end with a folder separator.
dosGetTempFileName() – The function will now create a temporary folder if one does not exist on the system.
dosGetDriveInfo() – On MacOS, the Xtra will now properly distinguish between “Remote”, “CD ROM” and "Removable".
dosMouseClick() – Whenever supported by hardware, a mouse up event will not follow a mouse down event that was generated using the function.
dosGetSpecialFolder() - The following flags were renamed. The Xtra will accept both the new and original flags:

“Common Files” -> “Common Groups”
“ShellNew” -> “Templates”
“Personal” -> “Documents”
 “Apple” -> “Start Menu”

Added support for the following flags on Windows:

"Nethood", "Printhood", "Application Support", "Common Application Support", "Common Start Menu", "Common Documents", "Common Favorites", "Common Startup", "Common Templates", "Common Program Files”, "Cookies" and "My Pictures".

Added support for the following flags on MacOS:

"Application Support", “Program Files”, “Documents”, “Recent” and “Printhood”.

dosGetFileAttribute() and dosSetFileAttribute() - Added support for the following attributes on MacOS: "Shared", "Alias", "Name Locked", "Inited".
and dosGetFileTime()- Added "Last Accessed" flag.
dosGetFileVersion() - On MacOS, the function will now look for the first available 'VERS' resource and not just for 'VERS' resource ID # 1.
dosPrintFile() - Improved the search for associated applications on MacOS.
dosCopyFile() - Improved performance on MacOS.
dosCreateLink() - Can now also set the link's Hotkey and window state.
dosResolveLink() - Was enhanced to return additional information about link files.
dosWriteINI() - The function will now preserve the order of sections and keys in INI files.
dosDeleteINI() - If the KeyName parameter is an empty string, the function will now delete the entire section in the INI file.
dosSetWindowState() - Added support for the following flags:
"Restored", "Restored Inactive", "Minimized Active", "Minimized Inactive", "Minimized Forced", "Activated", "Inactivated", "Always On Top" and "Not Always On Top".
dosReadReg() and dosWriteReg() - will now properly handle binary data that includes null characters.
dosSetScreenSaver() - Now accepts an empty string to set the screen saver to none.

Modified Functions:

dosRegister() - The function now requires that the serial number will be passed as a string rather than an integer.
dosGetSpecialFolder() - Pathnames returned by the function will always end with a folder delimiter.
dosSetDisplay() - The function can now set the screen refresh rate as well.
dosGetCurrentFolder() – Pathnames returned by the function will always end with a folder delimiter.
dosOpenFile() - Discontinued support for the 'Wait' parameter. Use dosLaunchApp() instead or the Windowing functions.
dosSetWallPaper() - A new parameter was added to specify how to display the desktop wallpaper. In addition, the function is now available for MacOS as well.

10.03.01 -  Version 2.02 Released.

* Encryption and Decryption now work on Director 8.5.
* Certain windowing functions will now fail silently on MacOS 9
as described in more details in the Windowing Methods section.
* dosSelectFile() can now filter as many file types as needed.
* dosGetDriveInfo() correctly returns large size drives (free space and  available space).
* 3 new error codes – 10030, 10031, 10032 – have been added.

11.03.99 -  Version 2.01 Released.

* dosReadINI(), dosWriteINI() and dosDeleteINI() now accommodate for spaces before and after key names, equal signs and values.
* dosReadINI(), dosWriteINI() and dosDeleteINI() no longer crash when reading or writing to files containing long lines.
* dosFindApp() on MacOS now searches on all available volumes for the desired application. dosOpenFile() and dosPrintFile() also now search for the associated application on all available volumes.
* dosGetDriveInfo() on MacOS no longer crashes on "name" or "type".
* dosGetFileAttribute() and dosSetFileAttribute() on MacOS now support the custom icon attribute on files and folders. Documentation added a description of how to create custom icons for files and folders.
* dosCopyFile() on MacOS now works much faster.

8.16.99 -  Version 2.0 Released.

9.21.97 -  Version 1.2 Released.

7.18.97 -  Version 1.1 Released.

5.6.97 -  Version 1.0 Released.

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