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dosSetWindowState(integer WindowID, string State)

Sets the state of the specified window.

Parameters :

WindowID : An integer specifying the window ID. This should be a value returned from one of the window ID retrieval methods. On Windows, this should be a window that may change its state. If a window ID representing a window that may not change state (such as a control) is passed, the resulting action and error code may be unpredictable.
State : A string specifying the state to set the specified window to. This parameter is case insensitive.
Possible Values for Windows and MacOS :
"Normal" : Sets the window to a normal state (visible, not maximized, minimized or hidden) and activates it.
"Maximized" : Sets the window to a maximized state and activates it. On MacOS, this is equivalent to "Normal".
"Minimized" : Sets the window to a minimized state. If the window is activated, the next next top-level window in the z-order will become the active window.
"Restored" : Restores the window to its original size and position and activates the window. On MacOS, this is equivalent to "Normal".
"Restored Inactive" : Restores the window to its most recent size and position without activating the window.
"Minimized Active" : Activates the window and displays it as a minimized window. On MacOS, this is equivalent to "Minimized".
"Minimized Inactive" :
Displays the window as a minimized window without activating the window. On MacOS, this is equivalent to "Minimized".
"Minimized Forced" :
Minimizes a window, even if the application that owns the window is hung. On MacOS, this is equivalent to "Minimized". On Windows, this feature is only available in Windows 2000 and later.

Possible Values for Windows Only :
"Hidden" : Sets the window to a hidden state with no visible graphical user interface components.
"Always On Top" :
Places the specified window above all other windows. The window will stay on top of all other windows whose state is not set to always on top.
"Not Always On Top" :
Allows other windows to move on top of the specified window.
"Activated" : Activates the window and displays it in its current size and position.
"Inactivated" : Displays the window in its current size and position. This value is similar to "Activated", except the window is not activated.

Return Value : An integer indicating whether the method was successful or not. If 1 is returned, the method was successful. If 0 is returned, the method was not successful in which case dosGetLastError() should be called to determine the cause of the error. 

Possible Returned Error Codes via dosGetLastError() :
10002 : Invalid value for parameter 2.
10029 : Bad window ID.

Remarks  : This function is not available on MacOS X.

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