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Xtra Power for Director & Authorware

DirectSMS Xtra
 Communicate with mobile devices from Director and Authorware!

Authorware 4.x Compatible Authorware 5.x CompatibleAuthorware 6.x CompatibleAuthorware 7.x CompatibleDirector 5.x Compatible Director 6.x CompatibleDirector 7.x Compatible Director 8.x CompatibleDirector MX CompatibleDirector MX 2004 Compatible Director Shockwave Compatible and Safe     MacOS 8.x and 9.x CompatibleMacOS X CompatibleWindows Compatible   

Send and receive SMS messages directly from your applications!

DirectSMS is a cross-platform, easy to use Scripting Xtra for Macromedia Director, Authorware and Shockwave that provides applications with the ability to communicate with mobile devices.

By using DirectSMS Xtra, Director, Authorware and Shockwave applications can easily generate and send short wireless text messages (also known as SMS messages) to cellular phones and pagers throughout the world.

All that is required for the Xtra to send SMS messages is that the computer on which the application is running on would be connected to the Internet. No special hardware or software is required.

DirectXtras is also able to offer a customized version of the Xtra for developers who wish to incorporate SMS receiving capabilities in their applications.

DirectSMS Xtra is Shockwave safe and therefore it can also be used with Shockwave 7 or newer and when safety features in Director are turned on.

An auto downloadable Shockwave safe package of DirectSMS Xtra is also available. It is a compressed, small sized (less than 30K) version of the Xtra, that can be downloaded automatically from a web site to the user's local machine whenever needed, and once installed provides Shockwave applications on the web with the ability to send SMS messages.

DirectSMS Xtra is available for Director 5 and above, Authorware 4 and above, and is compatible with Windows 9X and newer (including 2000, ME, NT, XP) as well as MacOS 8, 9 and X.


Enhance Applications - The ability to send high quality alerts, notifications and messages adds value to applications ranging from network monitoring and customer relationship management, to news updates and intra-corporate communication systems. Regardless of the application that you wish to wirelessly enhance, DirectSMS Xtra offers a quick and painless solution.

Virtually Eliminate Development Time - With the integration of just a few lines of code your applications can be sending wireless messages today.

Global Capabilities - DirectSMS Xtra instantly links your application directly to Simplewire's Wireless Messaging Network. Offering a global backbone comprised of industry-leading, high performance architecture, Simplewire's network currently maintains connections to over 300 network operators in 118 countries worldwide, and is constantly growing.

Deploy with Confidence - Features such as message tracking and fail-over redundancy allow applications to send critical notifications with confidence.

Imagine the possibilities...

  • Let your application's users communicate with their family, friends and colleagues via SMS messages.
  • Develop service applications that send news, updates, alerts and notifications to subscribers.
  • Create applications that can be controlled remotely by mobile phones.
  • Have your kiosk applications or Shockwave movies on the web notify you when they need attention.
  • Allow your web site visitors to send and receive SMS messages.
  • Build Shockwave enabled web sites that can be updated and controlled from a mobile phone.

You can download a 30 days evaluation version 1.0 of DirectSMS Xtra,

If you want to develop with DirectSMS Xtra, license the release version!
Click here to license the DirectSMS Xtra

The evaluation version of DirectSMS Xtra includes a sample Director movie that demonstrates how Director and Shockwave applications can send SMS messages. Additional sample code as well as Authorware samples can be found in the on-line Xtra documentation.

The Xtra documentation also includes step by step instructions on how to install and use the Xtra, SMS overview, functions reference and more.

In order to send SMS messages using DirectSMS Xtra, developers need to sign up for a DirectSMS account with DirectXtras, and fill it with SMS credits, as described in more details in the Overview section of the Xtra documentation.

In order to allow you to evaluate the Xtra free of charge, the evaluation version will let you send up to 25 free SMS messages without a DirectSMS account. If you need to send additional SMS messages you can sign up for a DirectSMS account and fill it with the minimum amount of SMS credits.

When sending out free trial SMS messages, please note that the Xtra counts the number of times the smsSend() function was called without being provided with a DirectSMS account information and not the amount of SMS messages that were actually sent successfully. After 25 calls to the smsSend() function, a DirectSMS account would be required for sending additional SMS messages.

Furthermore, when no DirectSMS account information is being provided to the Xtra, the sub accounts functions would fail, as they can only be used in conjunction with a DirectSMS account.


Please refer to the on-line documentation for further technical details.


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Download DirectSMS Xtra For Windows

Download DirectSMS Xtra For MacOS

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