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Xtra Power for Director & Authorware

The Gallery - Where talents are exposed!

A place where developers who have been using our Xtras can share their experiences and describe how they have used them in their applications.

It is really exciting for us to see various type of applications that were done using our Xtras, and we think it is important for other developers to be aware of the possibilites, have contact information of others who can develop similar applications for them, or just read independent opinions on our Xtras and how they operate in real applications.

If you have used our Xtras in your application(s) and would like to be listed in the Gallery, please e-mail your entry to gallery@directxtras.com or submit it using our Guest Book. Thanks in advance for your time!

Links, images, contact information etc. are welcome. Entries are posted AS IS, with no content modifications. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Entries in the Gallery are:  


The Blue Noise Department


I have a site called ''The Blue Noise Department''

I use a lot of Xtras some of them are DirectXtra's.

A direct link to the results made with DirectControl and DirectImage Xtras :



Remko van Dokkum



Hansa sound booth using DirectSound and DirectOS Xtras

Here is an exiting project we just completed for Hansa beer in South Africa.

We used the DirectSound and DirectOS Xtras.

Thomas Preston < preston@pixelproject.com >




The Danube Exodus: Rippling Currents of the River

DirectComm Xtra is successfully used with a DVD-Synchronizer in The Danube Exodus: Rippling Currents of the River, an immersive installation about the displacement of ethnic minorities and the possible connections between them.

Rosemary Comella <rcomella@annenberg.edu>




RusalkaSoft Performance

RusalkaSoft is GUI that sits on top of sailing instruments in high end racing boats.

We used DirectCommunication Xtra to interface our application with performance sailing instruments.

Erik Schwartz <eriks@laurence.com>
Laurence Group




Xerox Ad Tools CD-ROM

We have used the DirectImage Xtra to allow Xerox staff to output product images from a bespoke CD-ROM interface. Xerox staff are able to
select the image they wish to export and then customize the image export dimensions, dpi and format of the output file. We have delivered a
number of editions of this CD-ROM over the past year or so. PC & MAC Compatible. View screen shot.

Richard Lawrence <rlawrence@signals.co.uk>
Signals Ltd. (UK)




Maryland Science Center

On May 31st, 2004 Haley Productions launched 5 kiosks as part of the Maryland Science Center dinosaur display. The kiosks include: Color a Dinosaur, Create a Dinosaur, Make a Dinosaur Song, Is it a Dinosaur, and Continents on the Move. The first two kiosks required us to e-mail pictures to the kid after they were finished with their dinosaur creations. We found your xtras: Direct Email Xtra and Direct Image Xtra to be more than enough to fill our needs for the requirements of these two pieces. Kudos to Direct Xtras. Pictures of the kiosks can be found at:

Todd Coulson <todd@haleypro.com>
Haley Productions

610-892-7970  -  604 E Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063




MeadWestvaco CDRom

This CDRom was commissioned by MeadWestvaco, a sustainable forestry company. MWV is the best in the industry in ensuring that they don't destroy wildlife habitats, or slash and burn the forestry they develop. They make certain they don't harvest wood from forests more than they replant and develop other areas. As a very environmentally conscious company, we make certain we work for companies that adhere to this high level standards for the environment. Research MWV on the net for more info on reports of how well they perform this function.

This CDRom focuses on their ability for sustainable forestry and the products they create while keeping in mind the effects to the environment.

We use a lot of great imagery of their land, nature, and the products they create. The CDROM is structured to give nice overviews of each area of interest, music and voiceover, along with transistions. We use the DirectTransistion xtra for fades between the voice over slideshows.

Once into each section of the CDRom, information and interactive features allows the user to explore more. Often times, transitions to other content is needed, as the user explores. Again, the fade transition has been found to work great for our uses throughout this cdrom.

This is deployed on CDRom, and unfortunately cannot easily be deployed on the net in shockwave format, due to the heavy use of large imagery, music, voice over, and many videos.

The DirectXtras transition set has come in handy for our purposes and works great. Still working on how to make transitions run smoothly (which is a case with any transition) for very low end machines that have to use software rendering.

Rich Yessian <directxtras@blueion.com>
Blue Ion, LLC

843.727.0310 Charleston, SC



DirectSound Xtra solved sound stuttering on Windows

We had a very thorny problem regarding sound interruptions in our game's audio on some Windows machines. (Probably because of limitations to the machines memory/sound buffer.) DirectSound solved the problem. Very much appreciated.

Paul Fortier <pf@untangletheweb.com>
Insite Mentoring Program



DirectCommunication Xtra in Automation

EasyVeep is a tool for practice-focused, realistic PLC training with any PLC. The digital inputs and outputs (24 V) of a PLC control the various simulated modules via an interface to the PC. PLC outputs control the software module and changing sensor signals influence processing of the PLC program via the PLC inputs.

Csaba Lakatos <lcs@hu.inter.net>
Globula Co.



DirectTTS Xtra in  Six Million project

In this artwork a single murder from the movie Schindler's List is played continuously six million times. After ever replay of the scene a computer counts from 1 all the way up to 6,000000. To reach 6,000,000 the computer will have to run continuously for over two years.

All modes of representation have their restrictions. As an artist working with images of the Holocaust I am both deeply aware of these restrictions and also anxious to make them explicit. For "the question arises as to whether there are any limits on the kind of story that can be responsibly emplotted in any of the modes, symbols, plot types, and genres our culture provides for making sense of such extreme events in our pasts"(1).

Many artists aware of the restrictions inherent in these culturally and conventionally acceptable means of representation have attempted to experiment with new forms as a way to address the horrors of the Holocaust.

The movie Schindler's List is an important one in that it attempts to transcend film and become historical document.

"We're not making a film we are making a document"—Steven Spielberg, Time Magazine (2).

However at the same time as trying to transcend film it also uses many of the conventions of Hollywood in order to get it's message over.

This piece attempts to focus in on some of those conventions as a way of returning us again to both the responsibilities and impossibilities of representing the Holocaust.

(1)Hayden White, 'Historical Emplottment and the Problem of Truth', in Saul Friedlander (ed)., 'Probing the Limits of Representation'.
(2) Cited in Phillip Gronrevitch, ' A Dissent on Schindler's List', in Commentary,p.52

With thanks to Michael Murdza for his programming help and Thomas Richmond whose essay "Representational Modes and Narrative Structure in Schindler's List" provided the initial impetus for this project.

This project is documented at: http://dottycommies.com/holocaust09.html


Alan Schechner <alan@dottycommies.com>



DirectImage Xtra in Proof-printer

Program overview
Proof-printer creates contact sheets of pictures from batches of JPG, GIF, TIF or BMP files. It is designed for amateur and professional photographers, photo laboratories and webmasters.

With a user-friendly interface, you can set all layout parameters:
size and background of the contact sheet, margins, quality level for prints or screen display, size of thumbnails, number of lines/columns, frame type, size and location of captions (name of the file or EXIF data), copyright protection of photographs (watermark), header and footer on each contact sheet.

Other highlights
unlimited file number, file size and contact sheet dimension, possibility to store layout settings, possibility to work on batches of directories of photographs, control of vertical/horizontal alignment and heterogenous formats within the same batch, help module to rename the files via a batch process.

The last version here : www.proof-printer.com/download_proof-printer-fr.exe
Now there are three languages : English, French, Spanish.
The MacOS X version is available at:




Kids game using Director and DirectEmail Xtra

I recently finished a CD-ROM Kids game using Director and DirectEmail as one of many Xtras. The kids game is "Noah, the Creature Teacher Interactive" and has a feature to email images made by children in a paint program I designed. DirectEmail was the ONLY consistent Xtra I could find that worked flawlessly. For attachments, content type and everything in between; it did it all for me! Thanks for developing it and keep up the good Xtras development!

Daniel Newell <danieln@sixfootstudios.com>
Senior Multimedia Developer
Six Foot Studios




Flipic is an image manipulation software/toy, designed for easy, tactile and comprehensive interaction.

I have recently completed a multimedia course and found your DirectImage Xtra very useful.

Ashleigh Watt <ash@citizenwho.com>



My tangent e CCA Museum.

Intended for ages 12 - 17 and inspired by the exhibition series tangent e, this site enables young people to create original works in response to photographs from CCA Collections. The selection of images of interiors, exteriors, spaces under construction and in transition, foster an understanding of spatial qualities in the urban environment.

Michel Dubois <directimage@xaracom.com>

1097 Saint-Alexandre, 309 Montréal QC H2Z 1P8 



The Logo Creator.

The DirectImage Xtra enabled many features of The Logo Creator, such as blur, flip, scale, and a wide variety of export options. We are excited to use the new resolution modification feature for exporting high resolution images in the next release.

Daniel Nelson <d.nelson@bluejade.com>

Blue Jade Creative Enterprises




We used the image Xtra for the Cinlgular Wireless Wallpaper Creator.

Can’t find the desktop wallpaper you want? Then, create your own with the Cingular Wireless Wallpaper Creator!

Doodle with the drawing tool of choose from a variety of backgrounds, shapes and images. You can even add your own images to create your very own custom wallpapers. So go ahead, download now and make your desktop as interesting as you!

Troy Hipolito <troy@antfarminteractive.com>





Tim Hull is using DirectEmail in his director movie.

"DirectXtras has kindly sponsored my mission to help raise awareness about the charitable cause for which I am campaigning. DirectEmail is an essential part of making my web space work for this cause."

Tim Hull <tim@globaltimoto.com>
4 Roden Street, London, N7 6QL, UK

"One man, on a motorcycle, around the world, in A Quest For Gameplay"

"All children have a right to play, but 250 million are "Child Labourers". Donate Now!




BATAK Xtreme...A 3D Sports Training Solution

We are using the 'Direct Communication Xtra' to control our sports training hardware over a wireless network.

Dr David Nelson  <quotronics@aol.com>

Quotronics System Engineering

35 Lee Street, Horley, Surrey, RH6 8ER, UK




We are final year students at the Multimedia - pedagogy and technology program at Stockholm's University.

For our examination project we wanted to make a prototype of a mobile phone developed to suit people with disabilities.

Our production, we call it SMS 4 YOU, and vision would never had materialized into something concrete if we had not found the Xtra that DirectXtras develop. DirectXtras SMS Xtra came in good use to simulate a SMS situation.

We have appreciated all help and support from DirectXtras Inc. special thanks to Tomer Berda and Tamar Weinner.

Kiran Mehta
Stefan Jonsson
Ulrika Sjöström
Rebecca Torneus
Anna Erika Tunberg

Stockholm's University

EXPO 2003, 22-29 MAJ, Kulturhuset, Akademiskt Forum
http://expo.mmedu.net, expo@mmedu.net
M U L T I M E D I A P E D A G O G I K - T E K N I K


Click and Print Patient Education

Click and Print is patient education software designed for use by dental professionals, to allow them to provide their patients with high-quality on-screen and printed information about a wide variety of dental procedures.

One aspect of the software allows users to import their own digital images into the software and prepare them for printing in customized forms. We use the DirectImage Xtra to resize the images to an appropriate resolution for printing in the software, save edited images to disk, and to provide users with the ability to crop images and flip them vertically or horizontally prior to printing.

We have found DirectImage to be a very robust and easy-to-use Xtra for our software, and very much appreciate it's functionality for our Director applications!

Robert Haaf <rob@clickandprint.com>
Click and Print Information Inc.

813 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, Canada
(519) 433-9645



DirectCommunication Xtra in Data Loader

Data Loader is a Director 8.5 program that I wrote using DirectCommunication, it connects to a Rockland or Wavetek 660B FFT Spectrum-Analyzer and loads (and interprets) the data buffers and front-panel settings.

After that it stores the data into various text files that then can be used in a spreadsheet for further calculations & graphs.

Willem Noorloos <willem@noorloos.nl>


Homeland Defense Quad AAAA Show - Nashville TN

DirectTransition3D Xtra proved to be an invaluable tool for a crucial standalone presentation completed for the annual Quad AAAA show in nashville,TN  The presentation detailed the intricate workings of a tank prototype and a mobile battle station.  The 3D transitions were inserted into places where showing a moving part of a device from design to final assembly was fluid and graceful.  It couldn't have worked without this Xtra solely because of it's ability to continuously run without failure.  I am always looking into using this unique Xtra into all of my presentations.

Joe Castillo <jcastillo@rayva.org>
Raytheon Company



DirectCommunication Xtra interacts with an A-V display in New York for the anniversary of 9/11

I have been using the DirectCommunication Xtra for an A-V display in New York for the anniversary of 9/11. It's at Madame Tussauds on W 42nd Street, where they are opening the exhibit on September 4th.

It is centered around a life size 3D portrayal of the famous picture of the three firemen raising the flag at ground zero, and a Director program runs visuals on three large screens. It uses DirectCommunication to interact with the show control system and set off sound and lighting cues. I found this Xtra simple and trouble free to use, which helped greatly with tight deadlines.

I should also say that, as an Englishman, it was a great privilege to work on the project, and it gave me a greater appreciation of what Americans went through in September 2001, and how bravely they responded to it.

Details of the exhibit at http://www.nycwax.com/index.cfm/bay/content.hope.htm

Chris Bazalgette <chris@cbaz.demon.co.uk>
Freelance programmer, working with Planet21 Productions and Telegraphic



DirectImage Xtra was used to create Capture Utliliy

Capture V1.1 Released
Create your image icons for upload with Capture Software.
You can download it for the Mac and PC

Capture has the following features:

- Creates a miniature screen capture of you site (can also capture anything on the screen)
- Crops the desired section
- Saves out to a 60 x 60 pixel graphic in .jpg or .gif format
- Developed for Mac and PC users
- Built in uninstall feature

Troy Hipolito <webmaster@shocksites.com>




DirectEmail Xtra as a marketing tool.

Used DirectEmail for a project that would send jpeg maps directly from the floor at conventions to clients and would also send a cc to the saleperson's company address.

Very easy to set up.

Jon Child <jchild@mindspring.com>



The project that I've been working on has been posted at:

Click on "Tools"
Click on "Projectors"
Click on "W3D Viewer"

For this application, the user can export what they are viewing and set
it as their desktop wallpaper. The Xtra worked great and really added
a nice touch for the user's enjoyment.

Thanks so much.


Kraig Mentor <kmentor@macromedia.com>
Macromedia Inc.



We used the DirectEmail and DirectXport Xtras for an interactive program
for Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc. at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA.
The program allows guests to capture a video image of their face and
superimposed it on one of the monster character's body. The image can
then be emailed to anyone they wish. The DirectXport Xtra was used to create
the JPEG attachment to the email message.

David Asada

Apex Technical Services, Inc.
Apex Media Group
(626) 331-3511



At ISI, we've been using DirectTTS for over a year to give voices to our 
autonomous tutorial agents. Agent-characters have been created for an 
interactive pedagogical drama that teaches healthy diet/physical
activity concepts to grade-school children. The interactive story is presented in
a layered 2D Director "stage" that places and scales scenery and
characters to mimic a 3D environment. At present, we are working on an agent that
will teach critical thinking and analytical skills to kids. This agent will
work in a Shockwave Web environment. It will assist grade-school students to 
write their own commentary on Web-based lesson material, and will then
do a multimedia presentation of the student's ideas to other students.
DirectTTS is a key ingredient in these projects that enables us to take advantage
of MM Director, to synthesize speech where pre-recorded voice is either 
impractical or impossible. In addition to making a great product,
Tomer's been very helpful, patiently answering our technical questions and
helping us get up and running. Thanks so much!

Kate LaBore, Creative Director

Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education
USC Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA

Email: labore@isi.edu :: Tel 310 448-8655 Fax 310 822-0751


I programmed, downloaded, installed the DirectOS plugin to make the screen change resolution before starting a presentation.  It took so
little time and did exactly what I needed to do in a crunch.  Now to
figure out the other cool things it can do.

Chris Sebes
Gráfica Interactive




I have just finished the first version of my Director Link Database...
I use it for personal use.

V12dbe: for the 2 database files in use
DirectFTP: for the Uploading and Downloading the V12 DB
DirectEmail: so that I can get other users send in their links
MUI-GUI: built most of the MUI windows

On the user side:
.. It has all the web links from Director that I can find
.. It is searchable with a MUI popup
.. The user can make their own bookmarks which is saved within an extra database file. This database file is made on demand.
.. If the user does not update the DB file they will get a message telling
them that there is an update to download ..
.. The user can contact me directly from the application via Email and if
needed send me an attachment (up to 1.5 MB) 

On the administrator side:
.. I can add, delete, change a record via a MUI popUp
.. I can then upload the new db to my server via the application
.. I can set the date for the next upload, default is 30 days later
.. I can change the user/login/path for the FTP Uploads/Downloads routines
.. I can add another table to the DB file,
.. I can add an alert message which is called one time when the user opens the new DB file
.. I am still adding..

That¹s it.

Warms regards from a cold Hamburg...

Stuart M. Acklam




I am a developer for an online auction service "go-between" (you bring the stuff to us and we handle everything). We have locations in pack-and-ship stores in the northeast and Colorado...for now. 

I needed to create a dial-up application for the remote locations so they could connect and upload the necessary info/images to our database.
I also needed to be able to change a few things in the registry based on the individual location. 

Thanks to DirectConnection and DirectOS Xtras, not to mention the fantastic and patient support, I did it. The application works flawlessly and the users appreciate the connection-status feedback that DirectConnection can give them that the normal dial-up connectors can't. This makes the job of our tech support folks much easier.

Great work! Now, if I could only find a reason for my boss to buy the rest of the direct xtras...

Mike Warner



As a professor of Multimedia and computer science, I appreciate how difficult your job must be. Today, however, when I saw my forms in the
Director program open up word and open IN word, I applaud your work. You have done an excellent job in guiding me through this difficult process and I commend you. Thank you sooo much for a job well done. I'm sure we will be working with you again in the future and I plan on referring you to my students in my classes. I hope that your technical assistance to me is now over although I know you would always be there for me if I have questions. Thank you very very much,

Mare Beal


At DocWorks we are enhancing all of our computer-based and web-based training programs with Microsoft Agent and Text-to-Speech technologies. The XtrAgent Xtra has enabled us to make use of the Merlin the wizard as a built-in narrator. Merlin introduces our topics, stresses important points during demonstrations and tutorial exercises, supervises the grueling multiple choice quiz we impose at the program's conclusion, and awards certificates of completion.

On the programming side of things, very little effort is required to apply
the animations and voice options built into the character. Making the
character respond to user input (such as navigation choices) is simple as
well. We have yet to test the speech input features, but the text-to-speech capabilities are remarkable and effective.

On the whole, we've had great success with the XtrAgent and Merlin in the last few months. The response from clients has been overwhelmingly
favourable and we know that the Xtra has given us a definite edge over
competitors. One client has even commissioned us to develop a custom Agent character for their next generation of training materials.

Alan Douglas Ray, PhD.
Director of Multimedia



DirectXtras - Tying Director to the Operating System

I've purchased, among other DirectXtras, DirectOS and DirectXport.
A project had come to Twin Media which required Director to perform many functions that ordinarily could not be approached by Director alone.

The application needed to take a digital camera's input, direct from the
memory card, resize it and export the resulting image to the hard drive.
After a day of shooting, the program had to copy these images to a zip
drive, create folders for the images and make a backup set of files.
The long and short of it, I was able to supply the client with a very
complete solution.

Literally two days later, I was able to create an install application
for a different client, make an alias of the file with a custom icon and
place it on the Windows desktop.

I know this sounds very "commercial" but when I can offer something that other Director programmers can't, it makes me look better.

Just as a side note, compared to some other Xtras, the documentation and ease of use is impressive.

Joe Mauro

Twin Media


We used the DirectConnection Xtra in an educational CD-ROM project. The concept was a CD-ROM based magazine for children (age 5 to 9) that will be updated every week via internet. 

We used the DirectConnection Xtra to transparently establish a dial-up
connection, both on the Mac and the PC. This was to our complete satisfaction,

DirectConnection is a very good product!

Matthijs Klinkert

Buro Zicht


HTMLconfig is a program for easy upgrading of HTML and Flash pages on the Internet. It is using the help of DirectFTP Xtra. You upgrade both HTML and FLASH sites with one click on a button and more to come!


Jan Mikael


HTMLconfig is a program for easy upgrading of HTML and Flash pages on the Internet. It is using the help of DirectFTP Xtra. You upgrade both HTML and FLASH sites with one click on a button and more to come!


Jan Mikael


Apex Technical Services created an interactive audio mix-down exhibit for Disney's (Buena Vista) Fantasia 2000 IMAX experience in Culver City, CA. 

We used your DirectComm Xtra to communicate with a Midiator Systems MIDI interface to talk to a Yamaha MD-8 multitrack minidisc player. The MD-8 provided 8 simultaneous sound tracks to 6 Alesis Studio 24 mixers each equipped with 8 independent LED VU meters. 

Guest could mix an orchestral arrangement to their liking by
adjusting the sliders on the mixer.

David Asada

Apex Technical Services, Inc.
Apex Media Group


I've finally come to the end of my design course now. I'd just like to say thank you for the advice and helpful hints you've given me over the last year. It's been a big help and greatly appreciated. Also, thanks to my
work using Director, I have been given a job as multimedia designer here in the UK.

Nikolai Evans


We 'd like to thank you for your support and congratulate you with a
wonderful product.

We have developed a system that will be distributed to 56,000 building
related companies. From their desktop they can manage a total of 30
messages, articles, pictures, etc... which they want to share with the
visitors on http://www.buildingonline.be

Thanks to your FTP Xtra they can send the package to our server who runs a kind of COLLECTOR every 15 minutes to gather the messages and build an access database at the same time. The result is a collection of newspapers concerning the construction of houses, renovation, interior design, etc...

If you might decide to visit the website choose "BOUWKRANT" and select your NEWSPAPER.

Willem Steyaert




The DirectEmail Xtra was great and the demo movie was very useful. 

Had a few problems at first but the technical support was great, informative and forgiving. 


Kelvin Wright



I used DirectEmail Xtra to create a program in Director to send personalized e-mails to the suscribers of DirectorZone.com.

What a great tool! Easy to use and solid. I just love it!

Nelson Rdoriguez-Peña



DirectXtra's service and support is excellent. We have used the DirectSound and DirectOS Xtras intensively in our projects and these Xtras provided us with exactly the functionality we needed.

Great value for money!

Paul Houx

IJsfontein Interactive Media


For a desktop companion that's an interactive collection of the quotes and prayers of Pope John Paul II, our client wanted to have the ability to email friends and family particular thoughts that might interest them - in the style of those iGreeting cards that are so popular on the net..

While at first DirectEmail's lack of support for HTML-embedded text seemed like a drawback when it came to super-imposing any of the 1000 or so thoughts over the choice of 4 postcards at random - by utilizing DirectXport and DirectOS in conjunction, we were able to
achieve results significantly better than anything on the net..

Once we had the mechanics worked out, implementation was a scratch..

Thanks for making such fabulous products!!

See the program at http://www.thereligiousstore.com

Aaron Glemann


DirectFTP was one of the most straight forward scripting Xtras I've ever used. Specify the FTP server, username, and password then simply specify the files you want to transfer. All the standard FTP functions are also available.

Phillip Kerman



FlashConfig adds new possibilities for the webpublisher and for the customer. With FlashConfig it is easy to update and maintain online flashmovies. All you have to do is browse the cards in Flashconfig, add the new data and press a button. You don't need other programs other than Flashconfig. Once the Flashfile is created and uploaded, everything is done with Flashconfig.

FlashConfig is using DirectFTP Xtra.


Jan Mikael Christiansen
Grabit Media



Our autoplayers are still using DirectXtras with no problems for two years! Thanks Tomer, for making such a great product.

Ryan Cameron
AVMA inc.



Your DirectConnection Xtra is being used in conjunction with netlingo and FileIO to create a totally secure touchscreen module installed in hundreds of Chemists around the UK.
It connects to the internet when appropriate to extract updated information from medical and general healthcare web sites.
We also provide links to shopping sites where customers can buy products unavailable in their chemists.

Joseph Caston


Just a quick note of thanks following the recent implementation of two of your products. I found both DirectOS and DirectEmail to integrate smoothly and reliably into our current projects. Your demo Director movies were a great help.

Cliff Woodworth


I have been working on a program that consists of a control bar that controls audio, instructing users how to use certain software
applications. The main problem was to change the focus of the computer back to the software, whenever the control bar had been touched.

Using DirectOS Xtra I was able to simulate a mouse move and middle click anywhere away from the application, and therefore changed
the focus. With only twelve hours before delivery, when I discovered the Xtra, I was greatly relieved to discover it could do everything
that I needed.


JJ Jackson


Got DirectOS Xtra and it was just what we need for a very important Information Kiosk project we were under taking.

Superb Xtra keep up the good work DirectXtras !!!


Tim Huggins
Brentwood Borough Council


Prototyping of an alarm system, using a National Instruments FieldPoint module co-operating with Macromedia Director software and DirectCommunication Xtra.

Further information and images are available in a Word file.


Wilbur de Kruijf
Industrial Design & Engineering


I used the MidiXtra and DirectComm Xtra in a recent Interactive Art exhibition, Newport. A Bodysuit was designed with lightsensors which allowed the user to create music through their body movements.
The "Dancing with light" project hoped to recognise the deautomation of thought and human movement.

You don't dance to the music, the music dances to you!

Please contact me with any queries.

Tim Hagger


We used the DirectSound and DirectOS Xtras in our software that teaches scales, tunes and chords for Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, and Mandolin.

DirectSound allowed us to incorporate realistic sounding samples from real instruments to help users appreciate the authentic sound of their instrument.

DirectOS and DirectSound made authorware the most powerful
and "low overhead" solution we could find for creating our autoplayers.


Ryan Cameron
President AVMA inc.


We used DirectComm to interface with custom RFID technology.
The receiver plugged into the PC's serial port, and from there worked like a charm. Great product!

Will Turnage


I used DirectCommunications to create an interface to a card reader in a kiosk. The DirectComm interface is simple and easy to use, and I have never had any problems with it.

Damien Morton


We used the DirectSound and DirectOS xtras for our series of musical
instrument autoplayers. We have 8 different ones available: Mandolin,
F-Mando, Acoustic, Jazz, and Classical Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Bouzouki.

Using Authorware and the DirectXtras, we were able to make multimedia applications with a great deal of multimedia power and capability without using very much memory.(each application including xtras and 42 instrument samples is less than 1.9 MB.)

Tech Stuff:

Our tutorials allow the user to hear and see chords, scales and tunes
played both graphically and with 16 bit 22K samples of each instrument.
The Direct Sound Xtra allowed us to create a very realistic instrument
sound while accessing a database of over 2000 chords, 1800 scales and an unlimited number of tunes. We used the DirectOS xtra because it basically replaced 5 or 6 other xtras including the fileio xtra, and was much smaller. We were especially impressed with the DirectSound Xtra for being so small as well.

Ryan Cameron


We used the Xpress Xtra to create an ubiquitious web interface for sight disabled. It was done during our studies at the Multimedia-programme at the University of Stockholm.

Main advantages to other speech browsers are:

  • Online, available virtually anywhere

  • Automatically updated (since it´s online)

  • Cross platform Mac and PC

  • Fast loading with a file size of 17 kB

  • Provides a user context that is the same as for non-sight-disabled (Netscape Navigator / Internet Explorer), which enhance social interaction

  • Together with WebVehicle autostart CD-ROM, TalkingWeb is a complete solution providing a speech interface for starting Navigator / Explorer, connect to the Internet and go the URL http://www.actiware.a.se/talkweb/ From there the entire web is available with a speech interface.

  • The Talking Web service is free

Please try out the beta version now, at http://www.actiware.a.se/talkweb/ or contact me at thomas.westin@eden.grace.se for more info.

TalkingWeb is developed by (in alphabetical order)
Mari From
Dan Jonsson
Susanna Merenyi
Thomas Westin
and Johan Husén who has left the group (but is always welcome back)

Thomas Westin


I've used DirectOS on two different projects recently.

The first involved a complicated promotional presentation for the chip
manufacturer Cyrix. DirectOS allowed me to set up my CDROM program so it could determine if set up had already occurred on the hard drive and take appropriate action to run or install the program as needed.

The program offered a variety of set up options and was designed to run on Cyrix demo computers located in computer electronics stores. The special needs associated with this kind of install meant that the challenge was to create a program that had enough intelligence to manage its environment - even when that environment was wildly unpredictable. This could only be accomplished with DirectOS support.

The second project involved a completely customized set up program written for the MGM Interactive CDROM release "All Dogs Go To Heaven Activity Center." DirectOS was used here to set up program directories, copy files and create Registry entries. Very slick, totally integrated installer when it was done... and this was the only way to meet client needs on this particular project (we also do InstallShield installers.)

DirectOS has proven itself to be a reliable Xtra for our company's projects.

Kevin Mulvihill
Sudden Insight


I used the DirectCommunication Xtra for 2 extremely high profile
projects: exhibits in Disneyland's Innoventions. After figuring out the
basics of using the Xtra, I was able to manage virtually any serial
communication needed. Using the Xtra, Director was able to flawlessly
interface with Disney's Show Control hardware and software systems.

Patrick McClellan

ps DirectXtras' Tech Support gets an A+ for answering my initial dumb


We did an interactive presentation for SAP on CeBIT '98.

The scenario:

A actor showed the advantages of the SAP R/3 system on satge interacting with a personalised R/3 system which was shown on a 4x4 cube wall and 5 21inch monitors.

The interaction was syncronised by an opeator, who was located in a
small cubicle behind the stage.

The tech stuff:
The presentation ran on all togehter 8 Pentium II 233 which were
conencted by LAN. Video was played from a Sony professional Laser Disc player.

One request from the customer was that the presanation should run fail
safe. We realised that by running the main presentation simulatanously
on two computers.

As soon as on main computer fails the control machine would shitch the
source for the cube wall. And that's where DirectCommunication did a
great job !

The split computer, which devided the RGB singal into 16 pieces could be controled over the RS232 port. The reaction time for a failiour was
under 3 secs, so if you would switch of the first main computer, the
screen would turn black for about 2 secs and then the second one would
be seen.

We also used DirectCommunication to control the Sony Laser Disc Player, which also worked 100% failior free.

Ciao M!

Markus Landler
Schaeffler und Partner
Multimedia Services GmbH
Landsberger Str. 307
80687 Mnchen

T: 089 - 54 67 17 - 20
F: 089 - 54 67 17 - 99
E: MarkusL@schaeffler.de


Interactive telephone TV graphics system.

With DirectComm Xtra I was able to build a digital bridge
between a DIALOGIC telephone response system and a computer
which was used to generate graphics (based on telephone statistics) in a LIVE TV program.
The actual screen captures from the television program are
over here http://www.dds.nl/~new/at5/casegb.htm

Igor van Gemert, free lance software developer
If you want more information :
new@dds.nl or dmp@ipr.nl
ICQ : 10940745



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